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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Top 12 Social Media Websites to Drive Insane Traffic to Your Blog

As a blogger you will find many ways to drive traffic to your blog but some of those methods are really very hard to achieve for a new blogger, whose blog has just started. It is very hard for a new blogger to gain a good amount of traffic to his blog just by doing SEO. 

Drive traffic from social media websites

Yes, Content is King but Google doesn't gives too much to heed new blogs. 

But nevermind, you can also gain a good amount of traffic from many social media websites to your blog without doing spamming. After you start to get a good amount of traffic through these social platforms, Google will also address your blog and your blog ranking will also improve. 

Traffic from social media sites gives signal to Google that your content has some value to it and so, it also does better in Google search rankings.

So we can say, social sharing of your blog post is very important in order to drive traffic. 

There are many social media sites which can provide you with a good amount of traffic to your blog.

In this post, I will give you top 10 social media sites or platforms which provide the best results in gaining traffic to your blog.

1. Quora


Everyone knows how much Quora is popular these days. Quora is a a question-answer based website, that means people ask questions and get answers from other peoples. Quora community is very interactive and it can be used to drive traffic to your blog. 

You can answer some queries or questions in Quora and you can provide link footnotes of your blog post in the answer so that people can come to your website to get the full information through your blog post. So this will provide good traffic to your blog. Also you have to be very careful of spamming. You cannot just put your blog post links here and there in answers, it has to be relevant and it has to be user-friendly. So that it should be in the interest of the user.

2. Pinterest


Pinterest as everyone knows is a image based social sharing media website. Users on Pinterest share images and pin images from the websites. If a user find the pin ot the picture interesting he she might click on it and if it is from your blog post it will take them to straight to your post. 

In order to drive good traffic from Pinterest you have to keep pinning photos from your blog and it has to be very catchy and interesting. Once your photo gets many re-pins it might rank on Pinterest and if it ranks you will see sudden increase in traffic to your blog. And mind, you gaining traffic from Pinterest is very easy you just have to do pin images regularly.

Pinterest performs amazing for the sites which have too many pictures in it.

3. Reddit


Reddit is bit different from the above mentioned social media websites. But Reditt community is very active. Reddit has different communities in it and many uses under each community. Although the Reddit spam-bots and spam-checks are very aggressive. You can still find many ways to gain free and and good traffic to your blog. 

If your blog post is relevant to the community on the topic you can provide the blog link to the community feed and many users will click on it and will come to your blog post So this way you can drive traffic to your blog after sometime you can create your own sub-reddit and if people find it interesting they will also follow your sub-reddit and you can make your own community which means you have permanent uses which will come to your blog as soon as you share it.

4. Twitter


Twitter is also very popular social media website. Brands, Business, Companies, Organizations are on Twitter. It is like a business hub for companies all around the world, you can find most companies are here and have their pages on it. Twitter if used correctly and properly can drive enormous traffic to your blog. 

But the point is, you have to gain some following or followers so that they became your permanent readers. When you post on Twitter with your link you can provide some hash-tags that are popular in your niche or related to your blog post, so people get to know your website. 

5. Imgur


Imgur is also like Pinterest,  is also a image sharing social site where people share images and videos. You can drive traffic to your blog with images. Again I'm stressing the point that image based social website work best for those blog which have too many images. Also the images must be very interesting for the user so that user come to your website blog. 

If your image becomes popular, viral, then your blog will get huge amount of traffic from it.

6. Facebook


No need to tell the importance of Facebook on your business. Everyone in the freelance community knows that Facebook is a big market for the business. If you promote your business or blog correctly you can drive a good amount of traffic to your blog with a great consistency. 

You can promote your blog through Facebook groups which has millions of group members or you can advertise your page on Facebook which will drive enough traffic to your blog. 

Facebook has billions of active monthly users that means there is a chance of driving traffic to a blog.

7. Flickr


Flickr also like Pinterest and Imgur is also image posting and sharing website. You can post your blog images on Flickr and you can provide your blog link in the description once you get good amount of followers you will drive traffic your blog. 

Although I would say that you will find better results from Pinterest then using Flickr. Also Pinterest has a large user base. 

But it is also well for blogs. Take a Shot.

8. Medium

Medium is online publishing website where users can create story for articles and other users read those articles. Publishing articles on medium you can bring people to your website. But you cannot promote your blog with blog links. 

Most people will come to your blog through the publisher blog URL.

9. Tumblr


Tumblr is also a great way of gaining social traffic for your blog. Tumblr is a micro blogging website. Users can sign up on Tumblr and read other users' blog. You can blog on Tumblr and put videos, photos, stories, audios, links and GIFs on your blog. If you put interesting and useful stuff on your blog, then users surely get attracted. 

Once users follow your blog you can make them your daily readers to drive traffic to your blog.

10. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a much of a professional social media site for people who are in business or corporate industry. LinkedIn has 50 Million+ active monthly users.

If you write good amount of business articles on your blog, then this is the way to go. LinkedIn is a very good market.

If you can provide LinkedIn users with some good articles and make good connections with people you will be able to generate quality traffic to your blog.

11. YouTube


Everyone knows about YouTube. YouTube has billions of users and it is one of the most important website from where you can drive insane amount of traffic. 

If you have a YouTube channel you can provide your blog link in the description and people who watch your videos will also come to your website your blog. most of the bloggers use this technique to drive traffic in their initial years. It is very easy to rank on YouTube and thus you can bring traffic to your blog using YouTube. 

It is also very important that you promote your blog everywhere possible and YouTube is one of those important places where you should put some hard work. YouTube channel will surely benefit and boost your traffic of your blog.

12. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers

Similarly like Quora, Yahoo Answers is also a Question-Answers based website where users ask and answer questions. Although I would prefer Quora over Yahoo Answers, but Quora has some strict policies against self-promotion and link promotions.

Yahoo Answers never the less has a wide user base which you can use up to your advantage. 

You can search for people's queries and answer them accordingly while giving a hint to you blog so that the user can come to your blog to read the further post. 

I will suggest doing both Quora and Yahoo answers to gain the maximum amount of traffic to your blog.

Final words : Use social media sites to gain traffic alongside SEO

Using social platforms to gain traffic to your blog is all good but you have to consider the fact that your content should be very good. Also you cannot forget about the fact that Organic Traffic is much more better than Social traffic. So, I recommend doing good SEO to your blog post. So you can take up the full advantage of your hard work.

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