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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Top 5 Blog Post Settings for Blogger/Blogspot to Improve SEO Score

Every Blogspot Blogger knows how much difficult it is to blog with this CMS and also compete with those blogs which are Using Wordpress CMS. Blogger does not provides much of a flexibility to the user to improve there blog, design, post and improve SEO score of their blog.

WordPress has much more flexibility than blogger. Wordpress has so many plugins that it basically automates all the SEO tasks for the user. Nevertheless blogger or blogspot is also a great CMS. Blogger does not provides as much as you settings as WordPress but still you can perform some SEO tricks for the blogger blog post that can help you improve your search engine rankings.

I know go applying all this settings for individual blogger post every time will be a hectic task but it will surely help in optimizing SEO of your post.

5 blog post settings for blogger to imrpove SEO

What are the blog post setting for blogger for SEO enhancement ?

By saying blog post setting I am not referring to on page SEO instead I am referring 2 to some of the settings which can be used if properly then can benefit your blog post SEO. 

But the blogspot blog post SEO tricks which worked for me to some extent doesn't mean that will also work for you. 

See every site it a blog is different from each other every blog caters different audience of different categories.

Thus, I cannot guarantee that it it will literally skyrocket your SEO but still from my experience but I have seen it will Surely help you boost up up your blog post in Google Serps.

Let's see what blog post settings we can do to improve our blog post SEO.

1. Meta keywords For Each Blog Post

Like i said, WordPress provide much more options and allows user to work with ease. WordPress has options for providing meta keywords for each post when you write. 

But Blogger only provides meta keywords for only for the blog and the post. It is is only available when you use custom templates which are designed according to modern needs.

Meta keywords provides specific keywords for google bot to tell the bot about the topic of the post. Thus increasing you SEO.

You can follow the given below tutorial.

2. Meta Description for Each Post.

Blogger provides Meta Description for blog posts. Meta Description tells the google bot a little description of what the blog post is about. Meta description is the description you see under the under the URL of the blog or website.

Though it is not necessary that google bot takes the same description in account. The bot most probably make its own meta description from snippet of your blog post depending upon what the user queries in google.

But still it is considered to provide well defined meta description for each blog post.

It is recommended not to just copy paste any section from you blog to the meta description. But create a well defined summarized description of the blog post.

Recommended length of meta description is around 140 - 160 characters.

Meta Description can used in Blogger Blog Post in the side panel of the post editor. It is named as 'search description'.

3. Image Alt Tag

Blogger has a option called Image Alt Text. It will be available in the properties option of an image that you upload and post on your blog.

So. What is this Image Alt Tag ?

See, Google bot cannot read images, it doesn't know what's in the picture. So the image alt tag describes what the picture is all about. 

It is also responsible ranking blog post images of your blog.

Always fill the Alt Tag option with appropriate title for the picture when you one. It will help google bot recognize images and associate with your blog post efficiently.

4. Blog Post URL Permalink

Every blog post in your blog blog is given a specific URL which is similar to the URL given below.

This is the basic URL of a blogger blog post.

Now all the text after date in the URL is called permalink.

You must edit the permalink for your blog post SEO improvement. Make the permalink friendly.

What you can do is, you can hyphens between word of the permalinks according to the titles.

Suppose my blog post title looks like,

Best Blog Post SEO tricks of all time.

Then my permalink should be short and readable, just like....


Not too long, not too short.

5. Heading, Sub-heading, Minor Heading

If you are using blogger and not using the heading, subheadings and minor headings in your blog post. Then you have made a huge mistake. 

Don't worry it can be resolved. 

These are mainly knows as h1, h2, h3, h4 headings which are a great factor for SEO in your blog post. 

In blogger, the title of blog post is known as h1 heading. 

Heading is known as h2 heading
Subheading is known as h3 heading
Minor-heading is known as h4 heading.

These are like funnels of topics in you blog Post that direct from a general topic to a particular topic from h2 to h3.

Thus google bot recognizes these blog headings and finds importance of heading and its content.

Conclusion : SEO Improving Blog Post Settings

These were the 5 blog post settings in blogger which you must use to enhance or improve your blog post SEO. You must use these settings in order to take profit out of the settings provided by the Blogger. Thus this does not guarantee that you will boost up to 1st rank in google but still something is better than nothing.

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