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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

6 Things To Know About The New Apple Mac Pro in WWDC 2019

Recently, the tech giant apple organized world wide developer congress 2019 also referred as WWDC 2019.

Apple introduced many things, iOS 13 improvements, iPad OS, New Mac Pro 2019, Pro Display XDR and several other reveals. 

One of the most important thing was the New Mac Pro 2019. The wonder beast from Apple. Apple claims it to be the " most powerful Mac ever built ". Apple has also released a Fabulous 6k display monitor which will be sold separately. 

If you are planning to buy the new mac pro 2019 you must know these things about it.

new mac pro 2019 edition in WWDC

First of all. This Beast also works as a Cheese Grater. Due to the heat of the Mac Pro, the cheese will melt down and it will become the costliest Mac n Cheese.

Jokes Apart. Do not use the mac Pro as cheese grater.

The Mac Pro 2019 

Mac Pro 2019 according to Apple is the most powerful Mac computer ever built. Now this device is not for everyone.Mac Pro has top notch specifications and it is too much for a normal user. 

It is a very costly device and meant to be for the companies, authorities and video editors who want want the best performance from their computer. Though it is available for consumers to buy.

What Powers the Mac Pro 2019 ?

The new mac pro comes with the Intel Xeon processor with massive 28 cores and also 64 PCI express lanes. Now this is a really for massive power user. A tremendous processing power and larger bandwidth.

The Mac Pro 2019 is equipped with 1.5TB of RAM which is just insane.
Now this not for a typical normal user. This is for someone with high- end power hungry needs. 

As a result this processor setup in Mac Pro needs a quite high power than its older brothers which is 300W of power.

Mac Pro 2019 is content creator's dream

Most of the content creators whether it is YouTube or a company need high speed rendering solutions. Video editing, processing and rendering requires a lot of memory. 

Apple has taken care of these all things in this version mac pro. This machine comes with Apple's custom Afterburner card. This means creators can display ultra high resolution videos to multiple displays.

A good news for streamers, they don't have to worry about the video resolution anymore. Apple says that this mac pro can handle 3 of 8k streams or 12 of 4k streams at the same time.

The Mac Pro has Great Graphic performance

The Mac Pro can take multiple GPUs. Apple has introduced a new custom module in this mac pro, which can take two GPUs to power up the graphics performance. 

By standard, the mac pro will be offered with AMD Radeon Pro 580X. But users can upgrade to mighty beast AMD Radeon Pro Vega 2.

This will certainly insure that the graphics performance is always the top notch.

The Mac Pro is Power Hungry

Mac Pro requires high power. This Mac Pro 2019 is equipped with 1.4KW power supply built into it. It's a power hungry monster.

As it need so much power, no doubt it also generates a lot of heat. Apple has tried to take care of this problem. The holes in its frame ensures great air flow through the case. It is provided with three fans and a liquid cooling system. 

What price do you pay for Mac Pro ?

The Mac Pro 2019 will start from $5999. Now that is a quite high price. But again for what it is offering it may be considered.

But, some estimates show that the fully upgraded model of the mac pro 2019 can cost up to $45000. 
Yes, you read it right. It is not a typing mistake.


If you think that you got the money and if you think you are those one of the power hungry user that can utilize most the Mac Pro 2019 then you can go and buy this if you want. But to a normal user it is just too much costly.

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