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Friday, April 19, 2019

Download Google Pixel Camera APK With Night Sight For OnePlus 3T/5/5T

Since the Google Pixel has launched with the Google Pixel camera with night sight, it has changed the night photography style. The algorithms of the Google Pixel Camera turn a dark night photo into a glowing viewable picture. This has been the centre focus of the the Pixel Camera.

Google pixel camera apk download for OnePlus

The Google Pixel Camera APK which I will be providing will be working mostly on every OnePlus 3t/5 and OnePlus 5t devices and also it may work on above versions of the phone. 

What is Google Pixel Camera APK ?

As it is clear from the heading, since the hype of the Google Pixel phones and its ultimate camera features, everyone in Android community wants to get the same features. This would have been impossible to get all the features of Google Pixel Camera if it was based on hardware. It is true that that hardware plays a great role.


The Google Pixel Camera does most of it part on the software side. So everyone in Android community was eagerly waiting for someone to port the APK, so everyone can enjoy the features of the Google Pixel Camera.

Before the Google Pixel Camera, Google Cam or GCAM apk was very popular among the android community.

A developer from XDA Forums has ported the Pixel Camera for OnePlus 3t/5 and OnePlus 5t specifically because there were some issues with the previous versions of the ported Pixel Camera.

Features of Google Pixel Camera for OnePlus 5/5t

The ported Google Pixel Camera has some pretty incredible features which can be used on your OnePlus 5/5t.

Night Sight

Google pixel camera ported apk night Sight

Night Sight feature when came out with the Google Pixel 2, it created a lot of buzz between the tech junkies. This feature mind blown many geeks. The best part was, it has nothing to do with the hardware much.

In Night Sight mode, the low exposured almost dark pictures that were taken during the night will become clearly visible with adequate amount of exposure and light. 

During the capturing of the photo hand must be as still as possible.

This ported Pixel Camera APK has this features and it works perfectly well. 

Portrait Mode

These days portrait mode is everywhere. Its comes with almost all the smartphone and the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5t and newer version have it already in their cameras. 

But I like the sharp blur of the Google Pixel Camera. The portrait photos from the Pixel Camera looks very beautiful.

Photo Sphere

Want a Sphere of photos like the google street walk has. Google Pixel camera allows you to make a photo sphere of an area and that looks beautiful. 

There are many other options like horizontal panaroma and vertical panaroma and many more.

Google Lens.

google pixel camera ported with google lens

The Google Pixel Camera has Google lens integrated in it, so you dont have to specially open the google lend to use it. You just take a snap from the ported Pixel Camera and it does all the work and searches all possible result it can find.

Recently OnePlus has also integrated Google Lens in its camera app of OnePlus 5 and 5t.

Google Pixel Camera APK Download (OnePlus 3t/5/5t)

You can download the ported Pixel Camera APK from the links given below and check the changelogs if you want and choose according the working APK version.

Note - Front Camera of Google pixel camera  not working in this version of APK

Download Pixel Camera

Website with changelogs - CLICK HERE

Latest version for OnePlus 3t/5/5t ( 9/04/2019) - DOWNLOAD

Google Pixel Camera APK (31/3/2019) - DOWNLOAD
Google Pixel Camera APK (23/3/2019) - DOWNLOAD
Google Pixel Camera APK (16/3/2019) - DOWNLOAD

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