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Saturday, March 30, 2019

PUBG Mobile rolling back the Google play purchase of Free 8000 UC hack

Recently there was a bug that was found in the Google Play Balance purchase of UC (unknown Cash) in PUBG. Many players used the exploit to gain the 8000 UC in PUBG Mobile for free.

pung mobile rolling back google play purchase

Lets now discuss about what is going to happen if you are one of them.

What is PUBG Mobile Free 8000 UC Trick ?

Few days ago, some players discovered a loophole to purchase the PUBG Mobile 8000 UC which is worth around $99 for free.

Video Tutorial

PUBG Mobile Free UC Bug

Players took a google account which is around 1 to 2 years old with an offer on google play store to redeem.

They Downloaded google opinion rewards and registered themselves with the address of United States.

They went to purchase the 8000 UC in PUBG Mobile shop and when clicked on the purchase item, the Google play Balance showed them $0 for the amount. Then they completed the purchase.

PUBG Mobile Free UC trick worked for many of the players and it has come into the notice of PUBG Inc. and Google.

After the bug was exploited by many players, they stopped the purchasing of the UC cash for most of the players.

Will the purchases remain to the players ?


Recently, those players who used this exploit are getting a message in their PUBG Mobile account that PUBG will be rolling back all the fake google play purchase which was gained using the exploit.

The message reads like this..

" Google Play Purchase Data Rollback"

The player accounts seems to be disabled with a time when it unlocks.

Not everyone is getting this message, only the ones which have used the free PUBG UC exploit.

Some players are saying in the discord servers that....

Their PUBG Mobile account Royal Pass (RP) is set back to 1. They are saying they have lost all the RP and it is set to 1 again.

Some are even saying that the costume or skins you have purchased will not be rolled back and it will stay for the players who have purchased.

This is not a Confirmation but talks are going on between the communities.

You can also join the PUBG Mobile Official Discord server from the link below.

Will the PUBG Account be banned ?

It will be too extreme to ban all the users that used the exploit. The bug was in their purchase system. So, they are just rolling back all the purchases and until then Their account is disabled for time being and they are not able to play the game.

Conclusion : PUBG Mobile Free UC Bug

If you have used the exploit to get the Free 8000 PUBG UC then you don't have to fear for loosing your account because they will not ban you but there might be some penalties. 

They have disabled many accounts but you don't need to worry about. It will be accessible after the time period but you will be most probably loosing all the RP you gained.

Stay connected with the PUBG Mobile official blog to get all the news.

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