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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

5 Killer Tips to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Get the Perfect Domain Name

When you want to create a new blog or a new website, you must give it a proper name. This name symbolizes your blog or your company or website. So, choosing a perfect domain name for your blog is very much important.

.com perfect domain name

SEO factors also play a big role in choosing a good domain name for your blog. Your domain name is your Blog name on the world wide web or internet. It reflects the image of your blog. 

Choosing a domain name that is good for your business name as well as  more easy to find and reach on the web is important.
Most of the domain name which you will try to find for your blog will already be taken so it becomes a hectic task to find a domain name that is user friendly, easy to remember as well as doesn't hurt your blog SEO.

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You cannot just go to any domain registrar and register a domain name random word that comes to your mind. This will be a very unprofessional way of finding a good domain name for your blog. so it will be good to avoid the bad investment choice for your blog or website.

Domain registrar are the company which provide you the interface to register a domain name for yourself and further you have the control of what happens.

There are many domain registrars available with their different user interface and support system. but my most favourite of the domain registrars are Namecheap and Godaddy.

Do not get worried, choosing a domain name isn't very hard in fact it is easy but you have to consider some of the tips which I will be telling you How to find a good domain name.

Purchase a .COM Domain Name

As they say .COM is KingCOM. Pretty Funny Right ?

Well it would be best in my opinion to go for a domain that has .COM extension at the end. I am not saying that the other domains like .IN, .US, .UK, .XYZ are bad but .COM is widely more popular and it is a top level domain extension.

Many search engine and people and bot that rank your website prefer the .COM domain. If you are building a blog on a website then .COM domain is preferable because it is a blogging website. 
Your Domain name depends on what type of blog or website you have.

Use Important Keywords while Naming Domain

So, you are all set to purchase a domain and have a great name in your mind.

But it would be very nice to name your domain with a keyword in it. Having a Keyword related to your blog in your domain name will help in search engine rankings.

For example, if your blog is about health and fitness, then you should name your blog with a health and fitness niche related Keyword. 

example - health(any other word).com

As you can see it has health Keyword in the domain name. It will significantly improve your SEO.

Avoid using symbols in your domain name

Try to name your domain which has characters only. You should not include hyphens, numbers in your domain name. Although, it is not mendatory but all the search engine prefer the domains with alphabetical characters only. 

If you are trying to get a perfect domain name for your blog. You must try to avoid using characters and numbers in between your domain name.

You can see many popular website have very short domain name and very few of them contain hyphen or numbers between them.

Use a catchy, short and memorable Domain name

Don't go for too long Domain names, it will be very hard for the visitors to remember you brand name. In my opinion find a domain not too long with a catchy name which will make your visitors unconsciously remember you blog or website name.

Like - thecuriouscorp.com

How to get a Domain Name registered

As I previously said , there are several domain registrars you can use to register your domain. You can choose your domain registrars according to prices and facilities available.

Most of the registrars have same features and methods of registration. The only difference comes in pricing, user friendly interface and customer support.

The two best domain registrars I will recommend are Godaddy and Namecheap.

Conclusion : Getting Perfect Domain Name

So these were some of the tips you can use to find your perfect domain name for your blog or website.  Go to the registrar your like and purchase a domain name your blog and start working hard on it !

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