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Friday, January 18, 2019

Top Free Tools to Write And Post Blog Articles Faster in Blogger/ Blogspot

If your just started blogging you maybe be frustrated of the time being consumed to create an awesome blog post or write a good content article for your blog. 

When I started blogging on CuriousCORP, I felt very uneasy to write a lengthy blog article, finding Important keywords for my article plus it's a very hefty work.

After finding blog article topic, I had to write content then I had to find images for my article, then I had to optimize these images so that they don't affect the speed of my blog.

Now I began started to finding out various tricks and tools to write blog article fast. These tools for blogging amazingly helped me to write these long blog articles very fast.

I started to spend more time on researching than writing these blog posts. Research more on the keywords and spend less time on writing articles.

As someone said,

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Ok. Maybe that was not funny.

While blogging, improvise and maintain your spent time. Do not waste time while blogging. Maybe you are using your precious time on the wrong part.

So, let's get started.

I will describe some of my hand-picked tricks and tools which i use while writing blog post articles.

Use Blogger Client for Android.

The Blogger App for Android which is available on play store is not actually quite good and has some bugs. 

The blogger client which I use is BLOGGER PRO app which has a minimalist and updated user interface and has various options which you will find easy to write blog in. It gets timely updates and improvements.

If you are using android smartphone I will recommend you to use this application.

It will save your precious time while writing blog posts.

(Note: I will not provide the link to the application because I do not have the permission from the developer to share their application)

Use Plugins for Chrome/Firefox while blogging

Plugins can really help you ease up your work when your writing your blog content. I find few of the plugins very useful to work with when I write articles for my blog. 

There are hundreds of plugins available in chrome/firefox for bloggers and I will list few of them I use in Firefox.

Keywords Anywhere

keywords anywhere plugin firefox

Keywords Anywhere is a free chrome and firefox extension you can use for keyword researching while you write. You can find related keywords for any keyword you search in Google and also it shows you a list of related keywords people searching for. 

You can find any blog's top ranking keywords using this by using Analyze option. All the keywords can be exported as a CSV file to your PC. 

This plugin is pretty useful while keyword researching.


seoquake plugin firefox

It provides all the SEO metrics of a website you are looking for. SEOQuake will show you ranking, backlinks and statistics of any website you search for. 

It would be pretty helpful for you analyze yours as well as other's blog stats and hence you can try to improve the SEO of your blog.


This is very popular plugin among the content writers. I hate all those mistakes I make while writing these posts for my blog. But Grammarly really helps to rectify all the grammatical mistakes in your content. 

It integrates seamlessly with your blog editor. Grammatical mistakes really harm your blog SEO and you would like to prevent your blog from these silly mistakes. 

I recommend this plugin and its FREE.

There are many other plugins available which you can use according to yourself. But these are the three most used plugin by me.

Picture Compressor

picture compressor online

Images are important for your blog post but they really decrease on loading speed on blogger/blogspot. Optimizing these images for your blog would be a great option for you. 

I will recommend

It has a very updated user interface. Just upload your picture and it will compress or reduce the size of picture which you can save to drive or download on your PC.


Now, This will not be the choice for everyone but it really helps a lot. If you are good at speaking, you use the Google Speech-To-Text tool to write you blog post by dictating it. 

It significantly increased my blog writing speed. All I do is dictate all the lines and paragraphs and later I edit the post in the blogger editor.

This must not be the professional way to do it but when you are in hurry you can use this tool to increase your blog posting speed.

I will encourage you to try this at least once. It can really work out for some people.

These were some basic tips and tools you can use while writing your blog posts in blogger to increase your blog writing speed.

Remember, Take the time you need to write a good Quality Article or Blog Post.

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