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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Important Tips to Increase Blog Page Loading Speed in Blogger 2019

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge. During the course of blogging we learn many new things. It's a very good experience. we always try to keep improving our blog and make it as user friendly as possible. 

Today we will discuss how to increase blog's page loading speed.

Page Speed plays a very important role in increasing your search engine ranking. 

For Example - one of my blog's page ranks on 2nd position on desktop and the same post ranks 5th position in Mobile device.

You have to optimize your blog post to increase page speed and get good search engine rankings.

page loading speed increase

Page Speed

You can determine you Page speed score with Google Page Speed Insight. It checks your website loading speed, time intervals and then gives a particular score on the basis of load time of your website or Blog. 

Now... one question comes to mind.

How can i increase my blog page speed ? or How can i optimise my blog page ?

The most important thing you should do right away that can decrease you Blog page loading time.

Optimize Images on your blog.

Most of the new bloggers don't know the importance of images in your blog. But those images also increase your Blog Page size. On WordPress, it would be good to Host you Blog images elsewhere or on a different server, like Imgur, Flickr etc. Blogger/Blogspot doesnt require any process like this because they are already hosted on different server. 

I am sure you must have seen some URL on your blog that are like below URL.

They are are the link to blog images on different server.

so.. How to optimize Blog images ?


Scale your images. Scaling a image refers to decreasing the size of your images. Scaling or resizing your blog image and then compressing it will give you a image that has fine quality as well as low image size.

Small image size will increase you image loading speed.

Use a Simple Theme.

Simple Theme will be a very big factor to improve your page loading speed. A simple theme with clean sidebars looks so great. Try to find a theme which is simple according to your blog niche and make  it as simple as possible.

You must have seen many popular blogs that don't even have a sidebar in their blog layout, all they have a simple blog post in the middle. 

That just looks so clean

But they are able to do this because they don't advertise on their blog instead they use affiliate marketing and they are very much Professional in this.

Remove Unecessary Gadget

As the heading states, remove all those unecessary gadget or JavaScript for gadgets from your blog layout.

See, nobody wants to see a cluttered blog post, nobody is coming to your blog to see your Blog sidebars. They are coming for the content.

Try to keep only the useful stuff and important gadgets in your blog layout. For example, keep the newsletter box, Advertisement gadget, about gadget.

Choose a mobile device optimized Theme.

Most of the Themes you will come across are mostly optimized for the mobile device. Still there are some themes you will find that are not Mobile optimized.

mobile optimized theme

By saying Mobile optimized i mean that your blog will have a different layout for desktop and mobile separately.

It will definitely improve the user experience and also a matter of fact that google also prefers website which has optimized its content and blog according to the device it is visited on.

In Blogger you have to disable the mobile theme of Blogger default to see if the theme support mobile layout. It will change the layout automatically if it supports it.

These were the major points or factors that can help increase your page load time and hence will ultimately improve your blog SEO.

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