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Monday, July 15, 2019

How to Get High CPC on AdSense Ads in Blogger in 2019

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. If you are familiar with Adsense most of you would know what CTR, CPM, CPC etc means. 

CTR : Click Through Rate ( Defines the % of times ad is clicked)

CPM : Cost Per Mille ( Cost per thousand impression of the ad)

CPC : Cost Per Click ( the amount paid by advertiser per ad click)

You have got the AdSense approval on Blogger. Great!

You have applied AdSense ads on your blogger blog. Great!


You are not getting high CPC on Ad clicks. What could be the reason for Low CPC ?

high cpc adsense keywords ads

Look. Having a low CPC on ad clicks is nightmare especially when you have low organic search traffic and ad conversion or ad clicks are very low.

A blog like mine get very few ad clicks because most of the traffic on my blog are of bloggers and they know about adsense ads and ad ecosystem. So most of them will not click on the ads until they find it interesting or helpful.

Now, if you have high cpc then you would require few clicks to churn out enough money for yourself a day.

So, here is where the question comes to mind of every new blogger.

How to increase Adsense CPC of Ads on my blog ?

There are a number of steps you have to follow to increase your Adsense CPC. Getting high CPC is no big deal. Let's dig right in to it and make generate high revenue from your blog.

Get Traffic From High CPC Countries

Alright, to get traffic from high cpc countries you have to target them with your blog and what i mean by saying that is you have to work on these tips.


How do you get Traffic from high cpc or tier 1 countries?

Niche of your blog

Niche of your blog really affects your blog's performance. See people on google are trying to find or search something. So if you are able to proivde them their content, they will be coming to your blog. Take a niche or try to blog on those topic which are widely popular in high cpc or tier 1 countries.

Topics like 'make money online', ' health and fitness' are quite popular in countries like US, UK and European countries. But do not go for a niche that you don't know about or have less knowledge.

Blogging on topics which are popular in high CPC countries will attract quality traffic.


Get a killer domain name with a tier 1 country extension. It would not guarantee you success in ranking your blog but it will surely help.

Get a domain like or 

Blog with these domains will rank faster in their respective countries.

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Host you blog on a server which is located internationally, if you are using WordPress or dedicated hosting. 

For Blogger you dont need to do anything it is already hosted on US server.

Host your blog on US server will decrease load time of your website or blog in that country. Same happens with other countries.

Audience Targeting

Use Google Webmaster or Google Search Console (now). If you are not using google web console you are losing too much. 

You must start using it, they have great features and coverage options which will help in ranking your website. After few months of using google websmaster it will show you on what Keywords your blog is Ranking on. So you can further optimize your older post increase your rankings.

There is a option in Google Search console called ' International Targeting '. Set the international Targeting to the country from which you want the most organic traffic, preferable US or UK.


The most important part.

Taking keyword with less competition and with high CPC and ranking your blog in them. This is the most difficult part !

Finding Keywords with less competition is already a difficult task and further on you have to find a Keyword that also has high CPC. You have to make some combination of keywords and have to research more and more. You can use Google Keyword Planner. It is free and you can use it without any problem.
Do extensive keyword researching.

Find long tail keywords which has very low competition and high CPC and using them try to rank your blog. Make many post on those Keywords and try to interlink these posts. This will definitely bring you some high cpc ad conversions.

Targeted Sharing

As you are targeting a particular audience, you must share your article on those forums and Facebook groups which has top tier audience. This will bring more audience from high cpc countries and will definitely increase you AdSense Ad cpc.

Conclusion : Getting high CPC on AdSense ads

Adsense is a hard way to earn money but not imposible. Most of the bloggers do not prefer display Advertisement to eaen money. But there are some exceptions. Blogs with good keywords and rankings also get high CPC. It can be a good way to earn decent amount of money. And when you become Professional you can also use other methods of earning some good money from your blog.

You just need TRAFFIC.

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