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Monday, July 15, 2019

How to Get Approval of Google Adsense in Blogger/Blogspot Fast in 2019

Blogging is a great way to earn money but it requires a lot of effort and hard work to get to the point where you can earn a decent earning from your blog. 

There are many ways from which you can earn from your blog, be it affiliate, advertising, product selling. One of the most popular way is to display advertisement on your blog and Google Adsense is the most popular and versatile ad network that you can apply to your blog. 


Getting approval of Adsense is not easy at all. It was way easier before but now a days it is very difficult to get your Adsense approved for your blog.

Also Google Adsense has made it mandatory to verify each website on which you want to use Adsense.

Adsense approval blogger blogspot

If you are blogging on Blogger/Blogspot or using it to host your blog, it will be way easier for you to get the approval of adsense. There are some key points you have to remember before applying for Google adsense. 

If you do all things right and follow the instructions properly I am pretty sure that your Adsense might get approved easily.

So, I will show you how to get your Adsense approved fast and easy in Blogger or Blogspot.

How to get your Adsense approved for blogger in 2019

Create Required Web Pages

There are some web pages you need to create in order to qualify for AdSense in blogger. You have to create these pages and link to respective tabs or buttons to home page so that these pages are clearly visible. When the AdSense executives check your website these pages should be clear-cut present on your homepage.

These are the following pages you have to create to qualify for AdSense.

About Page -  This is page where you will define your blog or website and give the details about your blog. Try to give an enhanced but moderately compact description of your website and what is the aim of the website. Keep it simple.

Contact page - On this page you will give details to contact you or owner of the blog or website. It will be better if you provide a contact form instead of giving directly your email id to the public.

Disclaimer - This the page where will disclose that you are not responsible for anything any act on your blog and specify your rights and obligations. To make it simple I will just put a link to a disclaimer maker page below.

Disclaimer Generator

Privacy Policy - On this you will declare your use of methods of monetization and privacy consent of user information on your blog. 

Free Privacy Policy Generator

The above-mentioned pages are must for adsense qualification.

Simple Blog Design

Choose a blogger template or 3rd party template which is very simple in design and easy to navigate for users. Make the style of your blog simple themed. Don't try to add extra stuff or gadgets which are unnecessary or not required. This will make your blog look like very immature designed. 

Make the sidebars clean and less crowdy. 

Post a good number of quality articles.

As many professional bloggers who achieved success with Adsense say "content is king". I guess this is true to an extent. Most of the viewers are coming to your blog to read. If you don't have quality content then your blog will not rank well on google. Also to get your adsense approved post a good number of great quality articles. Post at least 10-15 quality articles which are more than 200 words. 

So this will help you a lot when your website is in reviewing process of the Adsense panel.

Do not host any copyrighted material.

Do not ever host somebody else copyrighted material on your blog. 

This is a straight NO. 

The most adsense application gets disapproved due to this. Hosting somebody else blog images or file and copying other's will get you nowhere. If you want to find quality images for your blog there are many websites which provide no copyright, free to use images for your blog. If you have the license or agreement to use the copyright material the it would be fine. But I will still recommend you not doing this.


Do not Provide Adult or Gambling Content

It is clearly stated in the AdSense program policies that AdSense discourage the website or blogs with Adult or Gambling content to show ads. Blogger also doesn't approve of this. Try to pick a niche that is not from adult or gambling industry.

Good Traffic Sources

Try to achieve the maximum  number of traffic from google or organic search, social referrals. Stay away from bot traffic or any traffic from illegal sites. Use google analytics to find out what are the source you are getting traffic from and manage it accordingly. Adsense requires good and quality traffic.   

Use same Gmail name as your blog.

Try to use or get the the G-mail id you use same as the name of your blog you are applying adsense for. It will be very hard to get the same G-mail id name as of your blog. This doesn't ensure that your adsense will approve but it will somewhat help.

Do not Host any Blank pages.

If you have any page that is blank or don't have any content on your blog then change it to draft when applying for adsense. There maybe any blank page which you intend to provide content later. So try to check every page and ensure that there is no blank page.

Remove Any other Ad Network From Your Blog

If you are using any other Ad network in your blog then you must remove it before applying for Adsense in Blogger. While reviewing your Adsense aplication can be rejected if you have applied Ads of any other Ad network in your blog.

Use a Custom Top Level Domain

If you want to increase your chances of getting your adsense approved. You can use a Custom Top Level Domain in blogger.

Using a custom domain shows professionalism in your blog. Buy a custom TLD and attach it blogger with correct 301 redirection.

Also Read : Tips to choose the perfect domain name for your blog.



So these tips should be enough to get your adsense approval on blogger.

 I was able to get adsense approved after 5 to 6 re-submissions, I was getting rejected and I wasn't able to find out what was I doing wrong but then i figures out that there is a blank page or no content page on my blog. After fixing it, i reapplied for adsense using and blogger and after one month i got approved.

In blogger it is pretty much very easy to get you adsense approved. 

I hope you will find these tips useful and try to get you AdSense approved for your blog. 

Remember, do not stop trying.

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