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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Top 5 Professional Tips and Tricks to play PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been a great sensation since its launch. PUBG is a Battle Royale game which is one of the most popular Battle Royale in 2018. PUBG Mobile was launch recently on both the platforms Android and IOS. Unlike Fortnite, PUBG is a realistic looking Battle Royale game.

I have been playing PUBG Mobile from 4 to 5 months since its release on Android. It's one of my most favorite games on Android platform. I will share few tips and tricks to play PUBG Mobile like a professional or maybe help you survive better.

1. L1 and R1 trigger for PUBG Mobile.

l1 and r1 trigger pubg mobile

My most favorite thing while playing PUBG mobile was L1 and R1 triggers, you can clip them on opposite sides of your phone and after some adjustments this triggers will help you aim run and fire your gun at the same time and second trigger can be used to open scope without stopping. These are the most effective equipment I've used for PUBG Mobile. These triggers help increase my rank rapidly. Of course you can adjust them for your own like. I build the triggers myself watching YouTube videos but alternatively you can buy them from Amazon. Most importantly these can be used in any game.

2. Change visual style to colorful.

pubg mobile visual style

Now this might be not the choice for everyone but, it helps. You have been sometime in a position where you are not able to find the enemy and they kill you because they were hiding in the grass or you are not able to spot them it correct time. If you change the visual style two colorful you will have some better assistance in spotting players in PUBG mobile. It helps differentiating peculiar colors. Here's how you can do it.

Go to settings, then go to graphics option and then change your visual style two colorful.

3. Enable quick scope feature.

quickscope in pubg mobile

When you have two or more scopes you you will find it difficult to change scope every time according to your like. You have to open your bag tab and change it every time you want a different scope. But with quick scope you can rapidly change between scopes by clicking on the quick scope button. This will help you when you are in a difficult position. It is everything about being fast and quick.

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4. Aim down while firing in Burst.

In PUBG, when you fire in burst mode the recoil of the gun moves the cross-hair upwards specially more when a gun like Groaza with high recoil is used. So what you can do is when you are firing in burst mode try to move the cross-hair downwards slowly so it fire at the same point. More hits to the player, the easily they get knocked down in PUBG.

5. Crouch when approaching a player.

crouch approach in pubg

First of all you should not encounter with the player directly if you are not in a good position but if there's no other choice its better to crouch and approach the player forward because most of the player standing have their cross-hair of the gun facing straight forward. While crouching there are better chances that you will get less hits than while standing. Remember, this is only good when you and enemy are 3 - 4 meters away that means when you are face to face.

Tip : Don't stay or crawl on the ridges on higher places because enemies on lower region will able to see you. This is a bug in PUBG mobile.

Fact : Do you know ? There is  picnic spot in PUBG mobile in Erangel map. You have to visit Zharki at the very end of the map where you hear a song playing and beautiful flowers and by the side of tree there is a picnic spot with a radio playing.

picnic spot in zakhri in pubg mobile

picnic spot in pubg

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !