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Thursday, November 22, 2018

How to download Fortnite in any android phone for free.

It's the time of Battle Royale games, this year Battle Royale games had been getting all the hype. One of the most famous Battle Royale games is fortnite. Its comical and cartoonish look make it different from other Battle Royale games. 

android fortnite free

Fortnite got all the hype when Ninja the best player of fortnite played a match with the famous rapper Drake, the video of Drake playing fortnite with Ninja became viral and it help fortnite to gain its trends. Fortnite was available on most of the gaming devices including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo switch and PC. 

Recently fortnite was made available to the iOS devices by the beta version and later it was released on all iOS devices but that was not the case with the android smartphones. 

Why is fortnite not available on play store ?

Fortnite was made available for only Samsung devices and its app store, the Samsung store. Those who had the high end Samsung devices got the first chance to play and the beta version was made available on the website.

Fortnite is still not available on the PlayStore the only way to play it is through downloading the beta version from their website.
Most probably fortnite will not be available on play store because in statement Epic games CEO said they will not be launching fortnite via play store because they want to have direct relationship with the customers, like they did on the console. They use their own Epic launcher on the console not the Valve.

How to download the fortnite on Android for free.

1. Go to the website through a mobile Android device and search for the Android beta fortnite app downloader.

Fortnite android beta

2. Download the fortnite downloader and install it on your Android phone, make sure you have turn on "allow installation from unknown sources".

3. Open the fortnite downloader and download the game that is around 2GB or more.

4. After downloading the fortnite file data and the app there is no need of the downloader now after installation of the fortnite app open it and it will download some other files.

5. After all the files have been downloaded and configuration is done all you have to do is make a Epic games ID and you are good to go.

Fortnite is a great Battle Royale game and so good it is that it is also available for the Android smartphones also. So why waste time go ahead and download the game start winning !

#Victory Royale !